Examples of completed projects:


Creation of 1:500'000 scale vector digital map of Belarus, which is currently used as a primary GIS resource for a number of state departments and services in this country. The map covers the area of about 208'000 km2.

Creation of 1:500 scale vector digital map of Minsk (Belarus capital). for the city municipal government. The map covers about 250 km2 and it is the most comprehensive GIS resource, existing for that area at the moment.

Creation of 1:25'000 scale digital maps for forest monitoring in Belarus. The initial data for the maps has been mainly obtained from Russian RESURS satellite and combined then with available field data. The maps cover area of about 73'000 km2 and are supported by a software package for estimation and prognosis of coniferous forest drying up.

Development of a new national GIS data format (F20S) and providing expert recommendations for GIS support within national program of natural resources monitoring and natural disaster decision taking.

Creation of 1:10'000 scale digital maps for season floods risk areas in Belarus. The maps cover about 25'000 km2 and are assisted by a software package for flood area dynamics prognosis.

Development of a GIS software package for air pollution wind transfer prognosis within urban and industrial territories. The package allows both to estimate spatial pollution dynamics and to provide contourization of statistically risky areas. The latter option can be used also for automatic planning of the safest evacuation routes. The package has been successfully tested by independent experts on the actual data accumulated by the CHERNOBL nuclear disaster monitoring services.

Development of the raster-to-vector transformation module for the GIS software package within VIRGOS COPERNICUS European project. The package is used currently by Matra Cap Systems (France). The module provides conversion of raster maps into vector formats with high level of automation and contains a number of installed error-checking procedures.