Other services:

  Development of GIS applications for MapInfo products: MapInfo Professional, MapInfo Runtime, MapInfo MapX  
  Development of GIS applications for ESRI products: ArcView and MapObject  
  Development of Internet/Intranet GIS applications based on MapXtreme NT and MapXtreme Java  
  Creation of corporate GIS systems based on MapInfo and Oracle products  
  Photogrammetry processing of aerial and satellite images:

Processing central projection and scanned images. Block phototriangulation. Creation of digital relief models. Orthophotoplanes creation. Stereo and orthophotoplanes vectorization. Digital maps creation.  

  Digital maps creation from printed maps:
  Scanning, geometrical correction and image filtering. Automatic and interactive vectorization with adding of attribute data. Multiparameter data control. Data export to ArcInfo, ArcView, AutoCAD, MapInfo, MicroStation , etc. Input data formats: PCX, BMP, RLE, TIFF, JPEG, CALS, CIT, DIB. Output data formats: SHP, DXF, MIF, GEN, DGN, CSV, ASC, TOP and TFW, CPT, TAB.